Text case coercion


The Abolish plugin provides handy options to coerce strings between a variety of casing, naming, or textual conventions, each with 3 simple keystrokes. For example, an underscored string like employee_name can become EmployeeName by simply typing crm.

In the chart below, the three keystrokes indicated between the square brackets can coerce a string like SomeLongIdentifier to the result provided:

  • [crs] some_long_identifier
  • [crm] SomeLongIdentifier
  • [crc] someLongIdentifier
  • [cr-] some-long-identifier
  • [cr.] some.long.identifier
  • [cr] some long identifier
  • [crt] Some Long Identifier

All the commands start with cr and many of them can be remembered with simple mnemonics, like crc for camelCase or cr- for dasherize case.

Here’s a short demo showing conversion between various formats using several of the commands above:

Note that some coercions are one-way, in that subsequent coercions may have no way of recognizing what may have been a single word before being dasherized or having spaces inserted.

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