While pairing a coworker remarked that I’m able to jump around in vim quite quickly. While I use a number of techniques to jump around, including gf, rails-vim A, R and their family. I came up with a variation on the ever handy *. Using the star will jump to the next occurrence of the word under the cursor. This jump jump is limited to the current file. I thought it might be handy to have a leader command to quickly be able to Ggrep for <cword> (the word under the cursor).

map <leader>* :Ggrep <cword><CR><CR>

The above in my .vimrc allows me to hit leader star to Ggrep for the word under the cursor. Ggrep, in all of it’s awesomeness uses the quickfix window for results. Quickfix navigation options like :cnext and :cprev can be used. I use the unimpaired plugin provides ]q and [q to traverse through the list of hits.

I hope this trick proves to be as useful for others as it has for myself.