Everyone knows j and k will move you up and down a line in Vim. But did you know there’s a simple way to move to the next blank line in Vim?

Vim allows easy navigation to the next paragraph, method, or other blank line separation with the } (right curly brace) character. Similarly, { (left curly brace) will take you back to the previous paragraph, function, method, or other blank line separation.

(Incidentally, you may also be interested to know that {} are variously called just “braces” in some areas but also: French brackets, curly brackets, definite brackets, swirly brackets, curly braces, birdie brackets, Scottish brackets, squirrelly brackets, gullwings, seagulls, squiggly brackets, twirly brackets, Tuborg brackets, accolades, pointy brackets, third brackets, fancy brackets, water buffalo brackets, or longhorn steer brackets1.)

Go forth and move through files even faster!

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